The 5W Woodie gives the player an impressive range of classic small watt tweed tones. Incredibly versatile, this amp gives the player the option to turn certain features on or off to get a vast array of classic tones while maintaining a flavor unique to the Woodie.

The Woodie is an amazing recording amp or connect to a 2×12 for a gig-able setup. Rockabilly to Blues to Stones, the Woodie has you covered.

5905 Woodie
5918 Honky Tonk D'Lux

The Honky Tonk D’Lux is an 18W, 2 channel amplifier featuring two 6V6 tubes in the output stage. Channel 1 is the Normal Channel and Channel 2 is a Bright Channel with both channels sharing a single tone control. With roots in the 50’s Tweed Deluxe, this amp retains all the honky tonk vibe you expect while presenting the player with more headroom, usability and a more linear feel.

The Honky Tonk D’Lux is a great amp for all your musical needs from country to jazz fusion and everything in between.

5922 Paramount

The Paramount is a 22 watt, 2 channel amplifier that bridges the gap between 50’s tweed tones and early 60’s tones from across the pond. Both channels have very different and distinct voicings to give the player a broad tonal pallet from old Supro tones to cranked British overdrive. Both channels share a single tone stack and Channel one incorporates a top cut control to further tailer it’s tone. Channel switching is accomplished from either the front panel or with an included footswitch.

5935 Club Master

The Club Master can be described as having a tweed tone with a bit of a British twist. The Club Master was designed to be the perfect club gigging amp being small and versatile yet powerful enough to keep pace with a full band. Featuring an EL34 output section, 12AX7 preamp section, master volume and full tone stack, the Club Master can cover just about any type of music thrown at it from country to AC/DC in venues large and small.

5950 Roadhouse '59

The Roadhouse serves up classic '59 Bassman tone and when paired with a 2 x 12 speaker combo is reminiscent of early JTM45's. The Roadhouse rocks, sings the blues and is right at home chicken pickin'.

The Roadhouse is 50 watts, 2 channels and features two 6L6 tubes in the output stage. Channel 1 is the Normal Channel and Channel 2 is a Bright Channel. Both channels share common tone controls, treble, middle, bass and presence.

From warm cleans to edgy to overdriven blues, this amp has the versatility a player needs for any style and playing environment.

6414 Troubadour
6414 Troubadour

The Troubadour is a 14 watt, all tube amplifier designed to deliver the classic mid 60's American guitar tone. The amplifier features reverb, bias modulated tremolo, a mid boost function, a bright boost function and selectable rectifier.

Series 64 Standard
Series 64 Standard

The Series 64 Standard models deliver the classic mid 60's American tone in a variety of output wattages starting with the 20W 6420 up to the 80W 6480. Each of these models use a similar preamp section mated to a specific output section to give each amp it's own unique tonal palette.

6420 Club D'Lux - 2 x 6V6
6435 Club D'Lux Plus - 4 x 6V6
6440 Club 40 - 2 x 6L6
6480 Club 80 - 4 x 6L6

All of these models excel in their clean tones with lots of headroom but can be driven with just your guitar volume. With tight lows, spanky mids and smooth highs these amps are suitable for just about any type of playing style from country to jazz to full on rock.

Series 64 OD
Series 64 OD

The Oldfield Series 64 OD models give the player everything from sweet cleans to buttery overdrive with some edgy blues tones thrown in between. The amp is footswitchable from clean to overdrive and includes lush reverb and tremolo. The overdrive channel can be tailored to fit the player's needs with controls for overdrive trim, overdrive gain and overall overdrive level. The tone of the Series 64-OD is complex and dynamic, immediately responsive to the player.

The Oldfield Series 64 OD models can be built in a variety of power configurations starting with the 20W 6420-OD up to the 80W 6480-OD. Each of these models use a similar preamp section mated to a specific output section to give each amp it's own unique tonal palette.

6420 Club D'Lux OD - 2 x 6V6
6435 Club D'Lux Plus OD - 4 x 6V6
6440 Club 40 OD- 2 x 6L6
6480 Club 80 OD - 4 x 6L6

6715 Marquis 15

The Marquis 15 blends the unmistakable EL84 tone from the power section with an EF86 preamp to produce a tonal character that is both unique and familiar. With more headroom than you typically find in an EL84 based amplifier, the 6715 delivers some of the most beautiful clean tones you can imagine and when pushed can deliver warm, creamy distortion or grunge grind. Equipped with a 12 way macro tone selector the amp allows the player to dial up a tonal flavor to best match the instrument being used with just a simple twist of a dial. Fine adjustments to tone are made through the availability of a full tone stack and top cut control. Talk about versatility! The amplifier is well suited for Country, Jazz, Blues and Rock players

6730 Marquis 30

The 6730 is a four input, 30 watt, 2 channel amplifier featuring four EL84 tubes in the output stage. Channel 1 features an EF86 preamp and uses simple volume and top cut controls. Channel 2 uses a 12AX7 preamp and has volume, treble, middle, bass and top cut controls. The 6730 delivers the early 60’s AC30 tone like no other with a distinctly British vibe while retaining its own unique tonal character. This amp can yield a wide range of tones from a bright and chimey clean to a creamy overdriven tone.

6736 Marquis 36

The Marquis 36 gets it roots from the legends of the British rock revolution and is well suited for Americana, Blues, Country and Rock players.

This amplifier is all tube and hand-wired using the best quality components available for guitar amplification. It is built to last a lifetime and give the owner countless hours of enjoyment whether on stage, in the studio, or in the home.

The Marquis 36 has two very distinctly voiced channels. Channel One is the cleaner of the two channels with slightly more headroom. It’s very simple with just a volume control and tone control. Channel Two features a preamp gain control, full tone stack and master volume. The Edge Control is global to both channels.

6740 Dual 40

The Dual 40 (Model 6740) is a two channel guitar amplifiers that mixes a great mid 60’s American clean tone with a late 60’s Marshall tone. There is a ton of versatility in this amp. The Brit channel is reminiscent of an early plaxi with the ability to add a cascaded gain channel for that extra bit od drive. Both channels have a mid boost function and full tone atack. A very usable master volume rounds out the front panel controls.

6750 Marquis 50

The 6750 is a 4 input, 2 channel amplifier featuring EL34 tubes in the output stage. Channel 1 is a Normal Channel and Channel 2 is a Bright Channel. Each channel has its own volume control and both channels share a common tone stack (treble, middle, bass, presence). There is a master volume control to tame the output levels and an edge control to dial in just the right amount of “rawness” to your sound.

At lower volumes this amp is clean and warm with a little edge. At higher volumes it delivers the overdriven tones of Cream and Hendrix. .

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