Honky Tonk D’Lux (Model 5918)

The Honky Tonk D’Lux is an 18-watt amplifier that has two channels and four inputs. It is equipped with two 6V6 tubes in the output stage. One channel is brighter than the other, but they share a single tone control. You can bridge both channels together to create a great tone. This amplifier has its origins in the 50’s Tweed Deluxe and maintains all the honky-tonk feel while offering more headroom, usability, and a more linear feel to the player.

The Honky Tonk D’Lux is a great amp for all your musical needs from country to jazz fusion and everything in between.

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– Preamp: 2 x 5751
– Power: 2 x 6V6
– Bias: Cathode
– Rectifier: 5V4
– Phase Inverter: 12AX7 (split load)
– Dimensions: 20″W x 18″H x 9″D
– Weight: Approximately 30lbs Depnding On Speaker
– Available with power scaling and effects loop as options

  1. Honky Tonk D’Lux Overdriven Tone Kevin Gill 0:40
  2. Honky Tonk D’Lux Heavy Overdrive Tone Kevin Gill 0:36
  3. Honky Tonk D’Lux Clean Tone Kevin Gill 0:44

$2,400 – 1 x 12 Combo With Ceramic Speaker
$2,245 – Head

AlNico Speakers Available At Additional Cost
$125 – Power Scaling