About Oldfield Amplifiers

At Oldfield Tube Amplification we focus on tone, quality and customer relationships. Our goal is to inspire you.

Since 2002 we have been hand-crafting every amplifier one at a time, using vacuum tube circuitry and the highest quality components. And because we understand that your approach to music is uniquely your own, our service always begins with a customer consultation. We take pride in providing you with a perfectly nuanced amplifier designed to inspire you to your musical best.

Whether you are a national recording artist or enjoy practicing your favorite songs at home, you can rely on the Oldfield difference. Our amplifiers are built to last a lifetime.

See what the Oldfield difference can do for you.
– Point To Point Circuits
– Wiring On G10 Turret Boards
– Polyester Film And Foil Capacitors
– USA Made Transformers
– Featuring High Quality Speakers From Respected Brands
– Highest Quality Finger Jointed Cabinets
– Wide Range Of Color Options With No Up charges
– Limited 5 Year Warranty
– Intoxicating Tone

Founded – 2002
Owner And Head Chef – Paul Gussler
Located – Charlotte, NC  USA

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