Marquis 50-JC (Model 6750-JC)

The Oldfield Marquis 50-JC and Marquis 100-JC amplifiers take the unmistakable tone of the late sixties plexi and push it into the new millennium. These amps were born to rock and they deliver. Don’t be fooled though into thinking the JC series is a one trick pony because these amps can produce the most amazing clean tones you have ever experienced by simply backing off the guitar volume. The JC series is suitable for a variety of playing styles where the player needs tonal warmth and smooth, bold overdrive. With a master volume and edge controls these amps are versatile for any size room you are playing in.

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– Preamp: 12AX7
– Power: 2 x 6CA7
– Bias: Fixed / Adjustable
– Rectifier: Solid State
– Phase Inverter: 12AX7 (long tailed)
– Effects loop available as an option


Coming Soon


$3,095- 1 x 12 Combo 
$3,195– 2 x 12 Combo 
​$2,895 – Head

​​All Configurations
Quoted prices are for amps with ceramic speakers. Alnico speakers available at additional cost.​
Add $125 for effects loop