Marquis 15 (Model 6715) – DISCONTINUED


The Marquis 15 blends the unmistakable EL84 tone from the power section with an EF86 preamp to produce a tonal character that is both unique and familiar.  With more headroom than you typically find in an EL84 based amplifier, the 6715 delivers some of the most beautiful clean tones you can imagine and when pushed can deliver warm, creamy distortion or grunge grind.  Equipped with a 12-way macro tone selector the amp allows the player to dial up a tonal flavor to best match the instrument being used with just a simple twist of a dial.  Fine adjustments to tone are made through the availability of a full tone stack and top cut control.  Talk about versatility!  The amplifier is well suited for Country, Jazz, Blues and Rock players and is available with optional power scaling and effects loop.

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– Class A
– Preamp: EF86 / 12AX7
– Power: 2 X EL84
– Bias: Cathode
– Rectifier: EZ81
– Phase Inverter: 12AX7 (Long Tailed Pair)

– Power Scaling and Effects Loop available as options

Dimensions And Weights:
​6715 Head: Weight 21lbs, 20.75″L x 10″H x 10″D

  1. Marquis 15 Dirty Bon Lozaga 0:59
  2. Marquis 15 Cranked Bon Lozaga 0:59
  3. Marquis 15 Clean Bon Lozaga 0:57

$2,350- 1 x 12 Combo
$2,475 – 1 x 15 Combo
$2,450 – 2 x 12 Combo
$2,450 – 2 x 10 Combo
$2,450 – 10 / 12 Combo
$2,150 – Head

All Configurations:
​Quoted prices are for amps with ceramic speakers. Alnico speakers available at additional cost.
Add $100 for power scaling
Add $150 for an effects loop