Paramount (Model 5922) – DISCONTINUED

The Paramount is a 22 watt, 2 channel amplifier that bridges the gap between 50’s tweed tones and early 60’s tones from across the pond.  Both channels have very different and distinct voicings to give the player a broad tonal pallet from old Supro tones to cranked British overdrive. Both channels share a single tone stack and Channel one incorporates a top cut control to further tailor it’s tone. Channel switching is accomplished from either the front panel or with an included footswitch.

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– Preamp: 5879 and 12AX7
– Power: 2 X 6V6
– Bias: Cathode
– Rectifier: 5AR4 Or Solid State Selectable
– Phase Inverter: 12AX7 (Long Tailed Pair)
– Negative Feedback Switch
– Power Scaling and Effects Loop available as options
– Channel switching via foot switch or panel controls

Front Panel
Rear Panel
  1. Stratocaster Dan Hood 0:56
  2. Telecaster Dan Hood 0:59
  3. Gibson L6 Dan Hood 1:14

$2,795 – 1 x 12 Combo
$2,850 – 1 x 15 Combo
$2,875 – 2 x 12 Combo
$2,875 – 2 x 10 Combo
$2,875 – 10/12 Combo
$2,600 – Head

All ConfigurationsQuoted prices are for amps with ceramic speakers.  Alnico speakers available at additional cost.
Add $150 for effects loop