Marquis 36 (Model 6736)

The Marquis 36 gets it roots from the legends of the British rock revolution and is well suited for Americana, Blues, Country and Rock players.

This amplifier is all tube and hand-wired using the best quality components available for guitar amplification. It is built to last a lifetime and give the owner countless hours of enjoyment whether on stage, in the studio, or in the home.

The Marquis 36 has two very distinctly voiced channels. Channel One is the cleaner of the two channels with slightly more headroom. It’s very simple with just a volume control and tone control. Channel Two features a preamp gain control, full tone stack and master volume. The Edge Control is global to both channels.

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36 or 15 watts output power into 8Ω
All tube, hand-wired circuitry
(4) EL84 Power Section
(4) 12AX7 Preamp Section
5AR4 Tube / Solid State Selectable Rectifier
Full Power / Half Power Option
Fully Bypassed Effects Loop Option 

  1. Marquis 36 Ch2 Dirty 0:51
  2. Marquis 36 Ch2 Clean 0:42
  3. Marquis 36 Ch2 Cranked 0:45
  4. Marquis 36 Ch1 Dirty 0:47
  5. Marquis 36 Ch1 Cranked 0:49
  6. Marquis 36 Ch1 Clean 0:50

$2,650- 1 x 12 Combo
$2,725 – 1 x 15 Combo
$2,750 – 2 x 12 Combo
$2,750 – 2 x 10 Combo
$2,750 – 10 / 12 Combo
$2,450 – Head 

All Configurations:
Quoted prices are for amps with ceramic speakers. Alnico speakers are available at additional cost.
Add $150 for effects loop