Dual 40 (Model 6740)

The Dual 40 (Model 6740)  is a two channel guitar amplifiers that mixes a great mid 60’s American clean tone with a late 60’s British tone.  There is a ton of versatility in this amp.  The Brit channel is reminiscent of an early plexi with the ability to add a cascaded gain channel for that extra bit of drive.  Both channels have a mid boost function and full tone stack.  A very usable master volume rounds out the front panel controls.

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– Preamp: 12AX7
– Power: EL34
– Bias: Fixed / Adjustable
– Rectifier: Solid State
– Phase Inverter: 12AX7 (long tailed)
– Effects loop available as an option


$2,860- 1 x 12 Combo 
$2,965 – 2 x 12 
​$2,650 – Head