6420 Club D’Lux Classic – DISCONTINUED

The Club D’Lux Classic is our modern take on the venerable Deluxe Reverb. Offering 20W of classic, mid 60’s American tone in a package familiar to most guitar players while being compact, light weight and easy to manage.  

The Club D’Lux Classic excels in its clean tones with lots of headroom but can be driven with just your guitar volume.  With tight lows, spanky mids and smooth highs these amps are suitable for just about any type of playing style from country to jazz to full on rock.


– Preamp: 12AX7, 12AT7
– Power: 2 x 6V6
– Bias: Fixed
– Rectifier: 5R4, 5U4, 5AR4, GZ34 all suitable
– Phase Inverter: 12AT7 Long Tailed Pair
– Tube Driven Reverb (Foot Switch Control)
– Bias Modulated Tremolo (Foot Switch Control)




Les Paul


$2,595 – 1 x 12 Combo