Series 64

The Oldfield 64 Series of amplifiers captures the American tone of the mid sixties like no other amplifier on the market today. Warm, rich and chimey are just a few of the words used to describe the amps in this series. These amps are known for the lush reverb and bias-modulated tremolo that complement their incredible tone.

Ranging from the 20W Club D’Lux to the powerhouse BB-80, you’ll find the 64 Series amps ideal for just about any venue or playing environment.

The 64 Series amplifiers are available in a variety of cabinet configurations, and, like all Oldfields, can be custom-finished for you.

You can choose from the standard 64 Series or ramp up your tone with one of the OD series models.

Available Models

Standard Series
– 6414 Troubadour
– 6420 Club D’Lux
– 6440 Club 40
– 6480 BB-80

OD Series
– 6420-OD Club D’Lux Overdrive
– 6440-OD Club 40 Overdrive
– 6480-OD Club 80 Overdrive